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What is 

Y10 is a breakthrough teeth whitening and mouth rejuvenation system aimed to set a new standard in the teeth whitening and oral care industry and to revolutionize the overall patients experience and satisfaction.

How Does         Work?

How Does         Work?

The Y10 system uses a revolutionary and intelligent technique, employing a low power radio-frequency (RF) current and a unique toothpaste that removes stains from the teeth enamel.
The bipolar radio frequency, generated by the Y10 utilizes a specially designed mouthpiece, combined with a one of a kind toothpaste to pass an RF current through a defined volume and generate an electro-chemical reaction that changes the structure of stains on the tooth. Y10’s innovative toothpaste contains Hyaluronic Acid that rejuvenates the oral cavity and refreshes
the teeth.

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The Benefits of Using

Y10 is Faster:

Employs a low power radio frequency (RF) technology to remove stains from teeth enamel and rejuvenates the oral cavity in a relatively short period of time.

Y10 is Safer:

Research and current surveys taken by patients show that current teeth whitening methods may cause many undesirable side effects such as:

•    Pain and sensitivity
    Tooth surface roughening and softening
•    Increased potential for demineralization
•    Increased risk of tooth fracture
    Degradation of dental restorations
•    Unacceptable color change of dental restorations


Y10 Eliminates these risks while creating a rejuvenation effect without any pain or damage to the oral cavity and without using any harmful materials.

Y10 is Brighter: 

Y10 can effectively whiten any teeth shade while successfully creating an anti aging effect to the teeth and gums, creating a brighter smile.

Peroxide free treatment, no
dangerous toxins or abrasive
materials, enamel and gums

friendly, safe and non harmful

for a complete mouth

rejuvenation experience

Powered by Radio Frequency
(RF) & a revolutionary
design, the Y10 is quickly
becoming the next generation

of teeth whitening


Y10 is the most innovative,
easy and fastest teeth
whitening treatment
performed by aesthetic
professionals today.

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Y10 Technology Animation Video Clip

BrightTonix Medical
Y10 Technology Animation Video Clip
Y10 Technology Animation Video Clip
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Dr. David Houri-BrightTonix Y10
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BrightTonix Evening Event  IDS 2017
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