DSM Mouthpiece

BrightTonix Y10 mouthpiece has a special ergonomic medical silicon structure, designed to fit all jaw sizes and allows for safe and easy teeth whitening and mouth rejuvenation procedure for both dental and aesthetic professionals and for patients. The Y10 mouthpiece is disposable and is intended for one use only, for a clean and sterile procedure for each customer.

DSM Mouthpiece Structure

RF Technology within the Mouthpiece

The Y10 DSM Mouthpiece
has an innovative
structure, that fits all
mouth sizes.

The bipolar structure of

the electrodes, which are
placed in each side of the
Y10 mouthpiece, maintain
the RF wave’s volume,

for a safe procedure.

Y10 Toothpaste
covers the teeth
inside the Y10

The RF current is
generated at 7MHz, a high
frequency wave, which
cannot penetrate the
internal tissue and cause
any damage.

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