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Toothpaste Ingredients

BrightTonix toothpaste ingredients include: Hyaluronic Acid-clinically proven as beneficial for
anti-aging of the oral cavity, Potassium Nitrate-efficient in reducing discomfort of sensitive
teeth and Sodium Fluoride-highly beneficial to creating stronger teeth.

Hyalronic Acid is clinically proven as beneficial for anti-aging of the oral cavity:

• Hyaluronic Acid has an ant-inflammatory effect in cases of periodontal diseases and periodontal wound healing.
• The presence of Hyaluronic Acid contributes to a significant reduction in bleeding, as well as having an anti-bacterial effect.
• Hyaluronic Acid stimulates collagen regeneration, the basic element of the gums and the periodontium.
• Hyaluronic Acid is unique in that it can hold a thousand times its own weight in water, making it a phenomenal moisturizer.

Potassium Nitrate is efficient in reducing discomfort of sensitive teeth:

• Potassium Nitrate is helpful in reducing the discomfort of sensitive teeth (dentinal Hypersensitivity) by soothing the nerves in the teeth.
• Potassium ions find their way to the pulp where they block the transmission of pain to the brain.
• Potassium Nitrate builds up in the dentin tubule, so a large supply of Potassium Nitrate will provide patients a lasting relief from sensitivity.

Sodium Fluoride is highly beneficial to creating stronger teeth:

• The re-mineralization effect of Fluoride is important: Fluoride ions, inside and at the enamel surface, result in a fortified enamel which is resistant to decay (loss of minerals or demineralization) and can repair or re-mineralize early dental decay, caused by acids from decay-causing bacteria.

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