BrightTonix has developed an innovative and groundbreaking technology which employs a low power radiofrequency (RF) to remove stains from the teeth enamel and rejuvenate the oral cavity
in a relatively short period of time, creating a safer and faster teeth whitening and anti-aging experience. 
Watch our video animation to learn more!

How Does it Work?

Y10 Toothpaste covers the teeth inside 6 the Y10 mouthpiece.

Electro-magnetic field, generated by the RF current, surrounds the tooth inside the Y10 mouthpiece and activates the Y10 toothpaste.

Y10 toothpaste molecules surround the tooth, while interacting with the stains located on the enamel and on the dentin.

Y10 toothpaste molecules, activated by the RF Current, continue their back and forth interaction with the stains.

An interface is formed between the two components.

Electro-chemical changes occur in the chromophore of the stain.

The stain is no longer visible.

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